As we enter the 21st century, the relationship between sports and technology is getting closer and closer. Sports products are enhanced by technological advances. The designs of footballs and football shoes require detailed information and computer tests in order to produce products that will allow us to reach the full potential and beyond. If we were only reliant on human testing, the standards would definitely fluctuate greatly. Thus, Professor GGO was brought in as consultant in the research, and as a result GGO robotic footballers were created.

Episode 2: Responsibility

Isaac and his classmates are fascinated by Myth's skills. Karl keeps trying to convince Isaac to participate in the GGO Shanghai regional stages but Isaac rejects the idea.

Isaac goes to Uncle Ball's seafood stall again, and finds an email from his father about a big conspiracy. Why would Coleman ask Uncle Ball to look for a strong GGO controller?

Isaac is frustrated that his father does not trust him and decides to prove himself by his skill. He forms a team, with his classmates and signs up for the GGO Shanghai qualifying stages. His first opposing team is…


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