As we enter the 21st century, the relationship between sports and technology is getting closer and closer. Sports products are enhanced by technological advances. The designs of footballs and football shoes require detailed information and computer tests in order to produce products that will allow us to reach the full potential and beyond. If we were only reliant on human testing, the standards would definitely fluctuate greatly. Thus, Professor GGO was brought in as consultant in the research, and as a result GGO robotic footballers were created.

Episode 26: Forever Partners

Myth finally scores the winning goal and Team Barefoot is through to the final stage!

Unfortunately Shawn now has to leave the team. Mike, controller of Team Mirror, tells Isaac that it's difficult to find a good partner. So, he should try to persuade Shawn to stay… At the same time, Shaw is at the airport and sees an interview where Tyrant trashes Team Barefoot. Not willing to leave his teammates at this time, he makes the decision to continue with the competition…


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