As we enter the 21st century, the relationship between sports and technology is getting closer and closer. Sports products are enhanced by technological advances. The designs of footballs and football shoes require detailed information and computer tests in order to produce products that will allow us to reach the full potential and beyond. If we were only reliant on human testing, the standards would definitely fluctuate greatly. Thus, Professor GGO was brought in as consultant in the research, and as a result GGO robotic footballers were created.

Episode 4: Re-Match with Shawn!

Isaac makes Myth train long and hard, perfecting his shot into the top left corner of the goal. Isaac thinks it will make a victory. But somehow, there is a big fight between Isaac and Karl.

The next day, Karl arrives at the very last minute, saying he'll trust Isaac one last time. The match begins. Isaac instructs his team to pass the ball to Myth so that he can score into the top left corner. Although they keep attacking, Shadow still manages to block all the shots. Unfortunately, Isaac's team let Nucleus slip through their defense…


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