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Team Introduction: Barefoot
A competing team representing China in GGO National Tournament. They are the champion of GGO National Tournament this year. They also win the GGO Continental Tournament and obtain the qualification to participate in the GGO World Tournament. Team Captains are Isaac, Shawn, Karl, Timmy, Cat and later Oscar. Their football skills are varied, always keeping a balance between offense and defence.

With great teamwork, they can always keep fighting until the end. They keep growing as one of the best teams in GGO Football. Their special skills are Tri-Cannon Formation, Falcon Trapper Tactic, Fourth-path Blocking, Diamond Fourth-Path Defensive, Long Snake Formation, Tri-Cannon Chariot Formation and Barefoot Wings Formation.

Issac Shawn Karl Timmy Cat
Isaac Shawn Karl Timmy Cat
Myth Satellite Swift Nucleus Titan Shadow
Myth Satellite Swift Nucleus Titan Shadow


13 years old, Shanghainese, in his first year of secondary school. He is the only child of GGO Chief Designer Dr. Coleman. He lost his mother when he was very young, and grew up with his father and aunt. He inherited a love and talent for engineering and biology from his father, and he is a superb GGO controller. Like his dad, he likes wearing slippers.

In GGO matches, he plays a decidedly offensive game. He is a bit arrogant, often underestimates his rivals, but very determined to win. When his team are scored against, or if they are being challenged hard, it is easy to see that he is quite anxious as he twirls a pen incessantly. When he comes across very strong opponents, he will often use strange and very creative ways to overcome the odds. Isaac is able to emerge victoriously.


14 years old, half Italian half German, in 8th grade at an international school in Shanghai. He is a good-looking boy, comes from a family steeped in the arts. His father is a literary giant and his mother is a maestro conductor. Influenced by his parents, he has high expectations of his lifestyle. He is calm, does not often express what he really feels, and sometimes comes across wrongly as a proud, arrogant person. After meeting Barefoot’s teammate, he is opened up a little bit.

In GGO matches, he is a strong, steady defender. He has control of a strong defense line that rarely lets anything in as well as a very competent midfield. He is completely confident in his defense. At every match, he always has a bottle of iced water nearby to help him think calmly – how much iced water depends on how good he thinks his opponents are.


13 years old, Shanghainese, in first year at secondary school, he is also one of Isaac’s childhood friends. He loves to take risks, has a gambler’s personality, but never gambles money, only his fate. He always has a lucky coin with him – when he cannot decide on something, he will take out the coin and the issue will be settled by heads or tails. Karl is a bit short, in order to make himself stand out, his hairstyle and clothes are always quite loud. He is very quick-minded, open to change for working out new strategies. He is a loyal friend and always keeps his word.

In GGO matches, Karl is a winger – the perfect position for an opportunist.


13 years old, Shanghainese, in first year at secondary school. He is a childhood friend of Isaac’s and is a chubby little boy who is honest, responsible, and easily content. He has his principles, works methodically, and does not like people who try to walk before they learn to crawl. Timmy loves hotdogs, and always carries ketchup, mustard and relish with him. He does not have much ambition and he just wants to go to university, but after entering the GGO competition and with Isaac’s influence, he is beginning to think about what his life goals are.

In GGO matches, he is a responsible and hardworking defender. He is not particularly talented and is a little insecure, but his hard work makes up for it. Because he is used to failure, he does not let it depress him, and in fact, he is always looking for lessons to be learnt in everything.


14 years old, Shanghainese, in first year at secondary school – she is a classmate of Isaac and his friends. She is a typical girl who likes to dress up and look pretty. She takes baking classes from Aunt Betty, Isaac’s aunt, and at the same time she also absorbs Betty’s quick-temper.

She did not have much interest in GGO, but she proclaims herself the manager of their GGO team and even buys a brand new GGO footballer. She works hard to learn more about GGO football.

Striker (ST)

Striker of Team Barefoot, number 11. Extremely skillful at threading the ball, he is very adept at faking moves to get past his opponents, his scoring angles are extremely precise. Because he is the latest version of GGO Footballer, there are times when his AI system does not function properly. The groundbreaking element is that he has his own emotions, but in times of crisis, Myth is able to step up and play at a higher level than the rest. This is something that resembles Isaac very much.

Skills and Technique
1. Accelerate Dribble
2. Radiant Roaring Flame Strike
3. Roaring Flame Strike

Wing Forward (WF)

Wing forward of Team Barefoot, number 7. Super fast, remarkably accurate passing, loves to use complicated footwork that throws off his opponents. With much tacit understanding between himself and Isaac’s GGO footballers, he is often able to fool the opponents.

Skills and Technique
1. Gravity Dribble
2. Satellite Orbit Dribble
3. Satellite Dribble

Sweeper (CB)

Sweeper of Team Barefoot, number 18. He is not very strong in terms of fitness, but makes great steals on the pitch and therefore is known as the “Pitch Pickpocket”. He does not seem to be a very focused footballer usually, but when he gets serious, he has the determination and will of steel.

Skills and Technique
1. Zero Strike
2. Dashing Dribble

Midfielder (MF)

Captain and Defensive midfielder of Team Barefoot, number 10. He is an all rounded midfielder with equal ability to attack and defend. He is captain of the Team Barefoot and is the key holding midfield footballer. Calm, persevering, with very strong leadership skills and an ability to make peace between quarreling teammates.

Skills and Technique
1. Omni Directional Tackle
2. Omni Directional Dribble

Centre Back (CB)

Centre Back of Team Barefoot, number 4. Big, strong, tall and yet very quick on his feet (this is one of the factors that Timmy places most importance on as, in real life, Timmy himself is rather clumsy on his feet). Particularly good at getting in the right physical spot in both attack and defence, and with superior header skills. He is a 100% committed and responsible footballer.

Skills and Technique
1. Bulldozer Tackle
2. Cruiser Tackle
3. Gravity Bulldozer Tackle

Goalkeeper (GK)

Captain and Defensive midfielder of Team Goalkeeper of Team Barefoot, number 1. He has excellent strength in jumps, reacts exceedingly quickly, and most importantly he is able to read the game very well. Although he comes off as very stubborn, he always listens and defers to Shawn’s judgment. He has never once argued with Shawn.

Skills and Technique
1. Shadow Save



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