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Team Introduction: Preseus
A competing team in GGO Regional Tournament. They created the 38-winning streak in GGO regional game. Team Captains are Shawn and Sam. They always find a balance between offense and defence.

Issac Shawn      
Sam Shawn      
Cobra Nucleus Mustang Glide Shadow  
Cobra Nucleus Mustang Glide Shadow  


14 years old,the controller of Cobra, Mustang and Glide.He is confident and strong adaptability. He is a good friend and partner with Shawn and they created the 38 winning streak in GGO regional game.


14 years old, half Italian half German, in 8th grade at an international school in Shanghai. He is a good-looking boy, comes from a family steeped in the arts. His father is a literary giant and his mother a maestro conductor. Influenced by his parents, he has high expectations of his lifestyle. He is calm, does not often express what he really feels, and sometimes comes across wrongly as a proud, arrogant person. After meeting Barefoot’s teammate, he is opened up a little bit.

In GGO matches, he is a strong, steady defender. He has control of a strong defense line that rarely lets anything in as well as a very competent midfield. He is completely confident in his defense. At every match, he always has a bottle of iced water nearby to help him think calmly – how much iced water depends on how good he thinks his opponents are.

Wing Forward (WF)

Striker and captain of Team Perseus,
number 11.


Midfielder (MF)

Defensive midfielder of Team Perseus, number 10.

Skills and Technique
1. Omni Directional Tackle
2. Omni Directional Dribble

Centre Back (CB)

Centre back of Team Perseus, number 5.


Centre Back (CB)

Centre back of Team Perseus, number 4.


Goalkeeper (GK)

Goalkeeper of Team Perseus, number 1.




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